LikeMind A support experience like no other


The migration to a new CIS solution needs to be seamless and error-free. The well-being of your hospital and your patients depends on it. With LikeMind, you can make the move with confidence.

Making sure you’re ready

We manage the entire implementation process, so that your staff can become effective users without interrupting patient care or affecting hospital operations. Our approach builds on knowledge gained over hundreds of implementations in community healthcare to make sure you’re fully prepared for a seamless move to Thrive. We are extraordinarily thorough. Your LikeMind team goes department-by-department, gathering data, assessing needs and procedures, setting up the Thrive solution and thoroughly testing it.

  • Infrastructure assessment and implementation
  • Complete data conversion, verification and table builds
  • Full system testing and configuration
  • On-site staffing throughout the go-live preparation and process


The LikeMind team provides your entire staff with thorough hands-on training. We see to it that everyone – doctors, clinicians and all those who support them to night-shift nurses and office workers – is comfortable and ready to go on day one.

Bringing every user up to speed

Preparing your staff to fully utilize the powerful tools in Thrive CIS is a game changer that can take patient care to the next level. LikeMind training is thorough, personal and hands-on. Why? Because people learn better that way. We make sure every user is comfortable with their abilities at go-live. And since you can’t afford to take them away from caring for patients to learn a new CIS solution, the training adapts to your schedule and the needs of your users.

  • On-site classroom and side-by-side training
  • Holistic training that incorporates system functionality and workflow processes
  • Scheduling built around your needs – across all shifts
  • Training begins well in advance, and continues well past go-live, until full optimization is achieved


Our experts are on site when the system goes live working diligently, by your side, and bringing you best practices based on hundreds of successful on budget and on time CIS transformations and implementations.

Making the transition, safely and seamlessly

With LikeMind, transformation and go-live is much more than flipping a switch. Evident knows how important a trouble-free launch is to maintaining a positive implementation experience, both for users and for patients. We take care of every last detail. We are there by your side, from the beginning of the transformation and conversion process through go-live, on-site personal training, and the final follow-up visit to make certain Thrive CIS is optimized to fully meet your needs.

  • Close management of the entire transition process to ensure success
  • A presence in every department to help users assimilate and build confidence as they gain familiarity
  • Ongoing optimization of the CIS and workflows through multiple follow-up visits, months after go-live

Total support for the life of the system

Evident is your partner for the long term. We don’t disappear once your solution goes live. Your dedicated LikeMind team is not only responsive. It’s proactive. We monitor your operations and work to avoid any potential issues that could interfere with patient care or mission-critical workflow.

Keeping you up-to-date and running smoothly

LikeMind’s ongoing support is unmatched. When you call, you speak to people you know and who know you – a dedicated, experienced and expert support team assigned to your account. We take personal ownership of your needs and seek resolution in a thorough, accurate and timely manner. With a full understanding of the specifics of your Thrive CIS implementation, your dedicated team is able to address any questions or concerns effectively.

  • Single, manageable, fixed monthly support fee
  • Proactive client service review and quality control
  • Remote and transparent system to manage service requests
  • Personalized communication regarding regulatory updates, continuing education opportunities and company updates

Ongoing education

Ongoing education, including customized sessions as well as extensive e-learning opportunities, helps you reap the full benefit of all that Thrive does to help you promote the health of your community.

Honing your expertise

Knowing how to operate your EHR system and really getting the most out of it are two different things. We want you, your staff and your patients to reap the full benefit of Thrive – its potential to make users’ jobs easier, streamline operations and help you deliver higher quality care. That’s why, with LikeMind, the learning process never ends.

  • Comprehensive e-learning opportunities
  • Additional training at your convenience
  • Continuing education on system enhancements and updates

Evident is committed to the objectives, values and viewpoints we share with those delivering healthcare in communities and cities across Canada. Our goals are your goals; we see the world as you do, from the challenges you face every day to the direction you’re headed. That’s why Thrive, our CIS solution, is backed by LikeMind – a tailored implementation and support model unlike any other you’ll find, closely aligned with your clinical workflows and processes.