A journey that began more than 35 years ago

Decades ago, a group of forward-thinking healthcare specialists set out to fill a clear void in technology solutions tailored to community hospitals across the United States. We knew that these facilities could deliver healthcare every bit as sophisticated as the largest urban medical centers. All they needed were the right tools.

As technology advanced, we were able to scale our system to meet the needs of much larger facilities and more complex healthcare ecosystems. Along the way we partnered with hundreds of hospitals and thousands of providers in the United States to help them bring the best healthcare to patients everywhere. Today, we are proud to be the leading provider dedicated to this market.

In recent years, aware of healthcare trends in Canada, we recognized a need for true partnership and service that extends beyond CIS and EMR technology. Evident, through our proven collaborative approach, is that partner.

Heritage-rich and future-focused, Evident is innovating with constantly evolving technology, support and delivery models to help our customers fulfill their mission of quality healthcare, today and tomorrow.